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Stephanie McKittrick has a heart to encourage believers and unbeliever’s alike, through sharing her incredible testimony of overcoming and salvation. Stephanie operates in the prophetic and regularly shares the heart of the Father with others.

Isaiah 22:22 I will place upon his shoulders the key to the treasures of David’s palace. He will open doors that no one can shut, and he will shut doors that no one can open.

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About Me

Stephanie McKittrick grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Diagnosed with Hydrocephalus and Hemiplegic migraines, she has overcome 17 brain surgeries, 6 neck surgeries, over 20 abdominal surgeries and much much more. She also has lost her precious baby girl Layla just hours after birth.

When she then became a single parent to her other daughter Lexie, while fighting for her own life, she committed to making a success of her life. She built two large “work from home business”, achieving global success but nothing was filling the void. Battling grief, depression, sickness and disease, Stephanie decided to take her own life, however she was miraculously saved.

In another miracle turnaround 3 weeks later Stephanie received a miracle healing and gave her life to Jesus. Since then Stephanie has gone from strength to strength, Glory to Glory, sharing her story with many along the way. Stephanie has a heart and passion to see others set free through the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ. Noticing a real need in the world for others to experience the life-giving power that she experienced, she began praying with others to be set free and seeing miracles happen. As more and more women reached out for help, Stephanie made time to pray with them and see them set, finally free.

Stephanie has been featured in many main stream media article’s and is requested to share her powerful testimony in other churches and media.

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It is he who reveals the profound and hidden things, he knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with him.

Daniel 2:22


Prolife – Prolove

Stephanie is on the front line of the Pro life movement in Northern Ireland, where the most extreme abortion laws have been introduced.

The main thread of Stephanie’s sharing regarding this painful and hard subject, is always that love wins. When Stephanie was fighting for her own life and desperately needing brain surgery, she found out her own baby had CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia) and had a 20%-30% survival chance. In an emotionally abusive relationship, fighting for her life and also for her baby, she was presented with the “choice” of abortion 3 times by medical professionals.

Stephanie weighed up the choice and knew in her heart that her baby was a gift and that no matter how long she would have her, she was going to love her baby as long as she could. Stephanie fought to the death for her and her babies lives and tragically at 25 hours old, her baby passed on to heaven.
Recognizing that fear plays a major role in the decision process for abortion, Stephanie stood up to share her story, her experience and her love. To quote her during her the March for their lives rally in Belfast “No-one ever imagines themselves burying a child, no-one ever plans to go through it but you can and you just go step by step each day.

I have never met a grieving mother that regretted not having an abortion”

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